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To emphasize the educational philosophy of the GW Training Center, high-quality education is provided through high-quality curricula and educators that emphasize hands-on learning and engage in continual self-review and improvement practices.

Therefore, the GW Training Center practices the following guidelines presented by the American Heart Association for certification of ECC Instructors. To become certified as an instructor for the AHA, a candidate must complete a 4-step process. Final completion of each step resides with the Training Center Coordinator affiliated with the certifying Training Center offering the instructor certification process. The certified AHA Instructor Card will NOT be issued until all steps of the instructor certification process are met by the candidate.

Step 1: Core Instructor Course

The Course Instructor course provides a foundation for those AHA course participants who are interested in teaching ECC courses. It is a REQUIRED pre-requisite for the face-to-face instructor course for any ECC discipline (Heartsaver, BLS, ACLS, & PALS). The AHA Core Instructor Course is a self-directed learning program that provides information on principles of adult learning and teaching methodologies, as well as classroom management skills. This course takes 6 to 8 hours to be completed.

Step 2: Training Center Screening/Qualification

In order to become an instructor with the American Heart Association, a candidate’s cognitive and psychomotor skills must be validated by the Training Center offering instructor courses. The candidate must come to the session with a valid, up-to-date provider manual for the discipline for which they are applying to teach, successfully pass the associated written examination with a minimum score of 84%, and demonstrate excellent clinical treatment skills.

Step 3: Face-to-Face Instructor Course

Held by an authorized AHA training center, faculty of the GW Training Center will provide instruction to those candidates who successfully move on from step 2 of the instructor certification process. Each section of the course is discussed and role-played to ensure core learning objectives are covered. Training Center specific procedures and guidelines are discussed. These courses are offered on a limited basis. Dates and times will be listed below. If no courses are currently listed, the Training Center has not scheduled any. Please check back at a late date for scheduled courses.

Step 4: Training Center Affiliation & Monitoring/Mentoring

After the completion of an ECC Instructor Course, instructor-candidates must be accepted into an affiliation with a Training Center, meet with the Training Center Coordinator to review policies & procedures, and be monitored by Training Center Faculty during all courses taught by the candidate. Monitoring will take place until the candidate successfully passes minimum criteria for instructor status as outlined by the AHA.

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Don't see a date listed or one that will work for you? Check back frequently as these courses are offered several times per year. As always, contact the Training Center with further questions.